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Handcrafted Log Pavilions

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Romtec Models 3000-3003

DESCRIPTION: These handcrafted log pavilions are designed and built to last. All log structural members are made of Douglas Fir and come pre-sealed with Cabot Natural water based sealant. Headers and posts are made of 14”-15” round logs. The rafters are 12” and the knee braces are 10” round logs. If you choose to go with a railing, they are made of 3”-4” round logs. These handcrafted log pavilions come in five standard models or we can custom design one to meet your needs.


  • Floor Plan Dimensions: from 16’-0” X 20’-0” to 35’-0” X 45’-0”
  • Meets local codes
  • Engineered to meet specific site conditions
  • Douglas Fir log structural members cut from standing dead, green trees.
  • Gable roof or hip roof
  • Choice of roofing: metal, composite shingles, cedar shakes, tile, etc.
  • Floor or reinforced concrete slab, wood deck or crushed granite
  • Log rail and bench
  • Available lighting system