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The Sidewalk Restroom

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DESCRIPTION: The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec is the new standard of urban design. A low-cost building that can be customized for urban identity and culture also provides safety, durability, and ease of maintenance. Innovative design elements solve the problems that have beset most urban restrooms. The Sidewalk Restroom is simple to configure and install. Don’t wait years to bring restroom facilities to your culture centers; get the building you want at the price you need today with The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec.


  • Custom design options
  • Durable building materials
  • Industry low starting price
  • Large visual display spaces
  • Discreet & open-air facilities
  • Set in place installation
  • Vandal resistant components
  • Conventional privacy louvers
  • Get in and get out response
  • Universal replacement parts
  • Self-contained maintenance