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Creating Your Bid Package

We will help you get your Bid Package created and approved. View our examples and then contact us.

Preliminary Budgetary Numbers

  • Romtec provides accurate estimates for the total cost of your packaged building or structure. You can use our preliminary estimate or submit your bid package to Romtec to get budgetary pricing.

AutoCAD Drawings & Design Proposals

  • After contacting Romtec, you will quickly receive accurate preliminary drawings to meet your design criteria. Our drawings are a great way to complete your bid package.

Proposal Specifications

  • This document provides a complete overview of your building project. A Romtec Proposal Specification clearly defines the scope, products, and execution of your packaged building supplier and installer.

Get Help Building Your Bid Packages!

100% Complete Bid Specifications

Get your complete bid specs. View our samples then contact us!

Firm Quotes and Pricing

  • Our complete Bid Specifications come with a firm quote. Romtec’s Bid specifications are well-defined and ensure that the price we quote will be the price that you or your contractor receive.

Sealed AutoCAD Drawings

  • Romtec develops comprehensive design drawings that are sealed to meet all applicable codes and regulations to your building site and provide them for your complete bid documents.

CSI Master Format

  • This comprehensive document outlines the total structure with a clearly defined scope of work by Romtec and the installing contractor, supply and building products, and services of each party’s responsibilities.

Get Your Complete Bid Specifications!