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Federal – Government Purchasing (GSA)

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SIN #361-10A Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures for Storage Solutions

SIN #361-10H Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures for Restroom, Shower Solutions

SIN #361-32 Installation & Site-Preparation for Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures

SIN #361-30 Ancillary Services Relating to Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures

SIN #361-99A Introduction of New Services & Products related to Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures

SIN #361-10G Pre-Engineered Buildings and Structures for Outdoor Shelter and Security Shelter Solutions

A “GSA Schedule” is a contract listing of the discounted prices the federal government has competitively negotiated for a vendor’s commercial products and services. It allows all U.S. Government agencies to purchase Romtec buildings, structures, options and accessories without having to go out to bid while still complying with federal procurement regulations. Romtec’s GSA standard buildings, having been price negotiated, are not accurately reflected on the model pages featured on our site.

Romtec products and services are available to all U.S. agencies through our GSA Federal Supply Contract. Included are all Romtec structures: public restrooms, SST® waterless vault toilets, restroom-shower buildings, restroom-concession buildings, multi-use facilities, park pavilions and shelters, kiosks, ticket booths, gatehouses, control buildings and equipment shelters. Also included are Romtec building components and accessories as well as Romtec design and installation services.

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For questions or for more information, please contact Travis Olson, Sales Manager, 541-496-3541.