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Romtec Gatehouse

Romtec Gatehouse

DESCRIPTION: Romtec offers five standard gatehouse models. Gatehouses are used in a wide variety of applications to collect fees, provide information, direct traffic, and provide other services. Romtec gatehouses are configured in models ranging from small, single-attendant buildings to larger buildings that can offer office space in addition to contact windows. All of our standard gatehouse models are available in an affordable concrete block design, but you can add any and all custom design features you need to get the gatehouse you want. Romtec excels at matching existing structures and design themes.

STORM SHELTER UPGRADE: Gatehouses can be designed and engineered to meet storm shelter design standards rated for tornadoes and hurricanes, including the NSSA/ICC-500 and FEMA P-361 standards.


  • Concrete, log, lumber, or steel posts
  • Choice of roofing: metal, composite shingles, cedar shakes, tile, etc.
  • Roof extensions for drive-thru traffic
  • Complete siding options: lap, board & batten, stucco, and more
  • HVAC options
  • Solar packages for “off-the-grid” buildings
  • And, much more!