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Public Restrooms
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Sidewalk RestroomCity RestroomPortland LooRomtecsidewalk BathroomRomtec BuildingsRomtec Sidewalk RestroomUrban Restroom SolutionPortland Loo Toiletsidewalk BathroomDowntown ToiletPortland LooThe Sidewalk RestroomUban RestroomThe Sidewalk RestroomRomtec Buildings The Sidewalk Restroom is the new
definition of urban restrooms!
• Custom Ad-Space • Most Affordable • Easy Maintenance VIEW NOW! Sidewalk Restroom

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Accessories & Hardware

Romtec buildings are equipped with the best quality accessories and hardware. You can order replacement parts or upgrades individually from our sales staff.

Government Purchasing

All of Romtec’s products and services are available for immediate, direct purchase through our GSA federal supply contract and various state multiple-award schedules.


Romtec buildings are permanent structures, installed on your site to your specifications. We pour on-site concrete foundations and use durable, proven construction materials.

ADA Compliant Buildings

Romtec, Inc is committed to designing, manufacturing, and supplying public restroom buildings of the highest quality that meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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  • ROMTEC's fix is a win-win for your customers; past and future, and for wildlife. I do believe that ROMTEC and USFWS are partnering to protect wildlife and the efforts of ROMTEC should be recognized.
    Romtec—Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, Eric W. Marek, Special Agent, USFWS, Office of Law Enforcement

Case Studies

With so many design-build projects completed by Romtec –from public restroom buildings to log pavilions– You can learn more about your project by exploring our Case Study catalog. These are real-world examples from across America that advocate the advantages of purchasing from Romtec.

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