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Equipment & Control Buildings Overview

Romtec equipment and control buildings are designed and manufactured to meet all your storage and control system needs. Get your building built with durable concrete block or stylish corrugated steel with open spaces and roll-up doors for all types of equipment storage. No matter what needs you have, Romtec will help you get an equipment or control building perfect for your site. Work with Romtec for the industry’s best in site-built structures.

Are you working on a project with a Pumping System?

Our sister company, Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies, and constructs pump and lift station systems, booster pump stations, and rainwater treatment systems nationwide. Click below to learn more about Romtec Utilities.

Concrete Lift Station Control Building

Small Utility Buildings—Floor plans shown: 6′-8″ x 8′-8″ (2640), 6′-8″ x 12′-8″ (2641)

Equipment Building with Spanish Tile Roof and Stucco

Medium Utility Buildings—Floor plans shown: 12′-8″ x 16′-8″ (2643), 12′-8″ x 21′-4″ (2644), 20′-8″ x 21′-4″ (2645); other building sizes available

Concrete Lift Station Control Shelter with Metal Roofing

Large Utility Buildings—Floor plans shown: 24′ x 14′ (2646), 24′ x 22′ (2647)

Control Building with Double Doors

Extra Large Utility Buildings—Floor plans shown: 28′ x 20′-8″ (2648), 28′ x 34′ (2649)