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Steel Frame Pavilions

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Romtec Models 3020 – 3024

DESCRIPTION: Our open steel frame pavilions are durable and contemporary structures that make a perfect feature for a park or sports complex. Steel building components can be painted or powder coated in any number of colors to match nearby structures or represent team colors! All pavilions are installed on site to meet local codes and are engineered to meet specific site conditions including wind and snow load, local frost depth, and ground conditions.


  • Floor Plan Dimensions: from 16’-8” X 20’-0” to 28’-0” X 45’-0”
  • Meets national and local codes
  • Engineered to meet specific site conditions
  • Painted or optional powder-coated steel components
  • Gable roof or hip roof
  • Choice of roofing: metal, composite shingles, cedar shakes, tile, etc.
  • Floor or reinforced concrete slab, wood deck or crushed granite
  • Available lighting system, or solar package
  • Optional stone column wrap