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Model 2066, Single User: Sierra III w/Concession (Value)

Hip Style Roof with Brick Wainscoting
Hip Style Roof with Brick Wainscoting
Stainless Steel Restroom Fixtures
Stainless Steel Restroom Fixtures
Extra Room for Storage and Maintenance
Extra Room for Storage and Maintenance
Secure Metal Concession Guard
Secure Metal Concession Guard

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DESCRIPTION: Meet the Sierra III Single-user. This organized restroom-concession building is compact and offers a room for every situation. There are two, private ADA-compliant restrooms that can be designated for unisex or women’s and men’s use. Screening the restroom entrances are two steel-post privacy partitions. A small mechanical room provides a sink, limited storage, and easy access to utilities for maintenance. A large storage room and the larger concession area – along with two drinking fountains – comprise the hind-portion of this model. Our tough CMU block and rebar construction with separate steel doors for each room make this model durable and protected.

STORM SHELTER UPGRADE: This restroom can be designed and engineered to meet storm shelter design standards rated for tornadoes and hurricanes, including the NSSA/ICC-500 and FEMA P-361 standards.


  • Floor plan: 24′ x 14′-8″ ext.; ADA Restrooms (2): 8′-8″ x 5′-4″ int.
  • Concession room: 13′-4″ x 7′-4″ int.
  • Storage: 8′-8″ x 7′-4″; Mechanical: 4′ x 5′-4″
  • ADA porcelain china or stainless steel plumbing fixtures
  • ADA grab bars, mirrors, available restroom accessories
  • Drinking fountain
  • Complete restroom-concession electrical fixture package
  • Reinforced concrete restroom-concession foundation and slab
  • Reinforced concrete (CMU) walls
  • Standard exteriors: split-face or smooth concrete (brown or gray)
  • Optional exteriors: masonry, stucco, wood
  • SIP roof w/ vaulted ceiling, FRP interior, 3.4/12 roof pitch
  • Metal or composition restroom roofing in choice of colors
  • Skylights (4)
  • Passive ventilation system in each room
  • Acrylic restroom-concession windows
  • Powder-coated steel doors with ADA pull handle & deadbolt
  • Stainless steel concession counter/roll-up window
  • Hand-wash sink in concession room
  • Available concession room tile floor, if required by health code
  • Water heater (tank or tankless), utility sink in mech. room
  • Available electric hand dryers and HVAC equipment