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Community Centers

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Community Centers

Community Centers

DESCRIPTION: Romtec can design, supply, and construct distinctive and iconic Community Buildings for communities across the country. Each community building is a custom structure designed to meet the exact needs of your area. Romtec can include community gardens, pools, convention halls, storm and tornado shelters, concession windows, locker rooms, and much more. Romtec Community Buildings also include our complete spectrum of supply options for any aesthetic preferences. Romtec specializes in matching existing buildings, environments, and themes!

STORM SHELTER UPGRADE: Community Buildings can be designed and engineered to meet storm shelter design standards rated for tornadoes and hurricanes, including the NSSA/ICC-500 and FEMA P-361 standards.


Romtec designs Community Buildings for common and unique public applications. Get a Community Building designed for…

  • Community Gardens
  • Public Pools, Splash Pads, or Water Parks
  • Sports Parks
  • Community Theaters
  • Education and Youth Centers
  • Multipurpose Facilities
  • And much more!