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Romtec was founded building waterless toilets. These are durable and low-maintenance buildings that are ADA compliant. All waterless models include Romtec’s patented Sweet Smelling Technology to keep your buildings comfortable.


See the full product offering for plumbed, ADA restroom buildings. The models range from small, single-user bathrooms to large, multi-user restrooms with storage and mechanical rooms. Get the restroom building for your site here!

A Campground Restroom and Shower Building with an Exterior Sink and Covered Entryway

Campgrounds, retreat houses, and military installations can all benefit from providing showers with ADA bathrooms included. Our models take many shapes and sizes and can include storage or even exterior shower fixtures.

A Small, Affordable Concession Building with Restrooms at a Sports Park

The restroom-concession models are pre-engineered for any size park or use. Any of the concession models can be used for food vending, ticket sale, or information windows. See which model will fit your needs.

A Large Park Pavilion with Stone Column Footings and 4-Post Timber Columns

The pavilion models that Romtec offers are diverse in materials and appearance options. Browse through these pre-engineered plans to find the right size and feel for your project, or ask about getting a custom design!


When storing equipment or system controls, security is an important consideration. View our concrete building models or think about sheet metal siding options. These pre-engineered buildings can range from small to large for your needs.


Cabins are an extremely popular feature for parks and recreation sites. Romtec designs and manufactures cabins in prefabricated models and in larger, site-built models.


Kiosks are a great way for parks and public recreation sites to communicate with visitors. You can post park hours, rules and regulations, bulletins, information, advertising, signage, and much more on these great kiosk models.


Community Buildings from Romtec are a great way to get expert design services for large public structures. For sports parks, pools, or community gardens, Romtec Community Buildings are a great option for meeting your specific goals.


Gatehouses are often times the first structure a visitor sees at a recreation side, campground, RV park, and other locations. Get a great looking gatehouse or guardhouse from Romtec to meet all of your needs and to impress all of your visitors!


Amphitheaters provide entertainment venues and community showcases for all types of public events. Amphitheaters are also prominent features for parks and recreation sites, and these Romtec models can be designed to meet your needs.


Storm shelters and safe rooms must be built durably and reliably to protect lives, and our models are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions across the country. Romtec storm shelters are designed to meet FEMA guidelines and NSSA standards.


Romtec Lodges are great multipurpose buildings that can serve as retail space, concessions, offices, rental counters, and more! Choose from our standard models by clicking “Read More” below to see which layout will work for your project, but Romtec always accepts custom projects.

4391-Maintenance Building-photoshop

Large maintenance buildings from Romtec are designed to meet your needs for vehicle storage, heavy equipment, office space, and more! These are big durable buildings that will function great and look great too.

Depiction of the Sidewalk Restroom in Chicago

The Sidewalk Restroom provides the newest innovations for protecting and managing urban restrooms. This affordable unit offers many advantages to cities across the country for offering public facilities in urban areas.